If you want to be as eco-friendly as possible with your house heating, one approach is to use a biomass boiler. There are plenty of these options available for those living in Norwich. Here are some of the advantages.
There are plenty of grants available to you if you want to purchase a biomass boiler. You can actually get money from the government, essentially, for helping them to be more eco-friendly. This may vary from area to area and from time to time, so it’s important that you jump on it quickly while it’s available.
Low Carbon Foot Print
When you burn biomass in a boiler such as wood chips or other types of biomass, what you are essentially doing is releasing the carbon that the plant has stored up throughout its lifetime. The plant will suck carbon dioxide out of the air, and by burning it, you are just adding it back into the air.
This is much more eco-friendly than doing the same thing with an oil burner, because the carbon stored in oil was deep underground previously. That carbon hasn’t been in the atmosphere in a huge amount of time. The more we take oil from deep underground and release it back into the air, the more the environment of the Earth is going to change. By buying a biomass burner and using this to heat your home instead of oil, you’re significantly reducing how much we do this. It can have a significant effect on the environment over the long term.
It’s also true that biomass tends to be more efficient in terms of cost than oil is. The Biomass Suffolk is also going to be significantly more resistant to spikes in price than oil. The oil you buy is at the mercy of international and local markets. As the world gets closer to running out of oil, the cost of oil is also going to just keep going up and up. So not only are you saving a bunch of money now by buying biomass instead of oil, but you are also setting yourself up to save money in the future by making sure that the costs related to the biomass you plan on buying then remain steady.
Since this cost could skyrocket in the future, it’s even more important to invest in everything now while you have the option to do so on the cheap in the area of Norwich than it will be later on. It’s important to strike while the fire’s hot, so to speak.

When the weather turns cold most people turn on baseboard heaters, furnaces, electric water heaters and other kinds of heaters to keep their homes and vehicles warm. One option that isn’t considered very often is the 12V heater. Although these heaters are small they can provide considerable heating for small spaces. They are also economical in terms of the amount of power that is required to operate them. Most people who use 12V heaters usually use them in their vehicles. They are very convenient because all that is required is that they are plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet.

12V heaters have a variety of uses in the home as well. They can be used to heat blankets and other items that don’t require a lot of electricity, but what many don’t know is that 12V systems can be used to power portable TV’s. These are the kinds that are used in caravans, RV’s, boats, motor homes and so on. They come with several benefits such as:

•    They are easy to set up

•    The quality is exceptionally clear

•    They don’t use up much power so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery

•    They have great sound quality

•    You have the opportunity not just to watch TV but also to game as well.

For those who live in areas that suffer extremely cold weather some parts of the year you already know how problematic it can be with cold vehicles. The windshield frosts up, the steering wheel is freezing, the car seats are so cold you don’t want to sit on them and so on. A 12V heater is an excellent way to get rid of all these things. It will quickly defrost your windshield and get the interior of your car warm enough for you to drive comfortably.

12V heaters also come in handy for truckers. They are usually on the road for long periods of time and when it gets cold at night they usually need to warm the interiors of the cabin. A good 12V heater will keep them warm for several hours without affecting the battery much. These heaters come with a fan so that the heat can be spread throughout the whole cabin. Another alternative is to buy a blanket that has a 12V heater installed in it. This way, they can heat the cabin for a few hours and then stay warm using the blanket for the rest of the night.

If you cannot alternative heating and are looking to heat either your vehicle or a small area in your house you should try using a 12V heater for caravan system. If you look carefully in the market you will find that there are some brands that perform very well.